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Home Requirements

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i don't feel like writing today, so instead here's a list of things that have annoyed me in living spaces that, when i decide on a home that will last longer than a year, are, imo, required.

  1. ceilings with light fixtures tall enough that i can't touch them when taking off clothes or stretching
  2. soft, diffused light from all light sources (except desk lamps, etc)
  3. bathroom mirror lights at above-eye level
  4. a bathroom mirror tall enough for me to see myself without bending over
  5. toilet paper in front of the toilet, not behind or to the side. entry level ergonomics
  6. toilet that flushes immediately without having to hold the damn thing down
  7. bidet
  8. n-ply toilet paper where n > 4
  9. shower water that gets hot within a second or 3
  10. a shower head clearly taller than i am, but not one that hangs from the ceiling and gets water in your eyes all the damn time like who decided that was luxury it's completely unusable
  11. a bedframe & mattress that are basically bolted to the floor and will never move
  12. sinks and showers that properly drain and are easy to clean
  13. a floor layout that provides efficient access (i.e., minimal turning) to get from kitchen or bedroom to the bathroom
  14. doors that fit really damn well
  15. a bathroom vent that actually works so the mirrors don't fog up during a shower
  16. floors that are super easy to sweep and vacuum, without any damn nooks
  17. no decorative pillows
  18. sheets that are attached to the comforter like a futon. keeping them in sync is hilariously annoying
  19. a single, constant temperature inside the house where light or no clothes is the correct outfit
  20. a clean, dust-free floor where you can walk around barefoot without collecting tiny bits of garbage attached to your feet

after writing all of these down, i'm surprised at how many are bathroom related. i'm also aware at how petty they can sound 😂

they seem to break down into

  • light sources
  • ergonomics
  • efficiency
  • simplicity of cleanliness

i'll probably update this periodically. it's really just copy/paste from a notion document i keep, so it'd be nice if they automatically synced or something but whatever.