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Day One, Digital Death

writing, self-sovereignty1 min read

i'm gonna start writing something (anything) once a day. i'm not entirely sure why i have the motivation to do this now, since i never had the motivation before and the time when i had the most motivation i didn't do it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i'm going to write this as fast as i can with as little editing as possible. like that app that deletes your words when you stop, except less stressful.

i feel like i have something to say but i don't know what it is or how to day it. so here's hoping that a blog opens a door that lets me figure out at least one of those problems.

i figure today i'll talk about digital death

while in the passenger seat of a car crossing a bridge at 70mph i wondered what would happen if i died

and then i tweeted about it because it's 2020 and that's what we do in response to existential dread.

i think we're wildly unprepared for digital death as a society. social media memorial pages are naive and only scratch the surface of the issue. as more digital things become owned (and truly owned, in the case of crypto-backed ownership of scarce digital things) the value of our digital lives will become relevant to death

maybe the answer is KMS but james is probably right

imo the answer is probably just a social norm & centralized meme around deadperson switches & falling back onto the traditional legal system for dying. shard you key in 2/n shards, giving n to descendents and 1 to a will executor. only allow recovery after deadperson switch is thrown. executor gives shard to descendent, key is reconstructed.