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Using Googiri for DIY Home Automation

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Or, How to Turn a Jailbroken iPhone into Jarvis

Welcome to the future. The future where you can speak to your phone and have your light come on. Yeah really, we’re here, and the future’s just waiting for you.

Yup, this future.

What We’re Going to Do

We’re going to use Googiri in combination with and IFTTT to automate the world around us.

We’ll start with a simple way for us to ask questions in a Slack channel. At the end of this, we’ll be able to ask Google to “tell everyone in general that it’s pizza time” and have Matt says: **it's pizza time** appear in your Slack channel.

Biking the Shimanami Kaido

Saturday, December 05, 2015

On my last day in Tokyo, as I was preparing to leave for Hiroshima, a friend from the OSS Cafe mentioned a biking path near there. It’s a relatively easy ride that goes from Shikoku, one of the 4 Japanese main islands, to Honshu, the mainland. It crosses 5 other islands along the 80km journey.

The last time I started a bike journey, it was to cycle to Fuji from Tokyo (120km); I made it half way and took the train home. I figured riding 40km one day and 40km the next would be entirely possible, so I booked a hostel around the half way point and took the Shinkansen to Shin-Onomichi station.

And off we go!

DNS for Hackers

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Because you just want your site on the internet.

Here’s a list of thing you might want to do with DNS and how to accomplish them.

You’ve ~~impulse purchased~~ bought a domain from one of the infinite registrars on the internet, congrats! Now you’ve got to point it to something interesting and, no, the default parked page with ads all over it does not count.

The registrar you bought the domain name from probably manages DNS as well, so that’s nice and convenient.


When you’re entering these values, you may or may not need the extra . at the end. There’s a reason you technically need it, but most interfaces will put it there for you regardless. Start with the dot and remove it if the service complains.

I have an IP address!

You’ve spun up a server somewhere on the internet and your hosting provider gave you an IP address. Nice!

I’m old and I like

Have you ever thought about the fact that “world wide web” takes 3 syllables to say, but everyone says “double-yew double-yew double-yew” (9 syllables) regardless?

Now that you’re appalled at the inefficiency of saying “www”, here’s how you point to your IP address.

Create an A record pointing to my.ip.addr.ess.

Then create a CNAME pointing to A my.ip.addr.ess CNAME

Congrats, you did the thing.

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